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Leaving a high-demand religion or some other system that defined one’s identity can be deeply confusing and disorienting. 

A loss of a sense of self, purpose, or reason for being can lead to depression and destructive nihilism. 

Why get up in the morning when nothing really matters?

Being in this state in my own life took me to a tipping point. A space where I said “No. No more of this.” My will to live was stronger than the depression, stronger than the despair.

I wanted to not just survive, but to feel alive.

After learning about, exploring, and discussing plant medicines in the local Calgary psychedelic community for 4 years, I could no longer push away a deep knowing that my path in life would involve working with people and these tools.

Due to their status as a controlled substance, it would not be possible (or advisable) to provide them, but I could talk to people about my own experience as they sought to have theirs – often for the first time.

It became clear that these conversations were helping people, and I took the plunge to begin offering these conversations as a coaching service – the preparation and integration conversations around a medicine experience that allow people to feel safe going in, and come out with a soft place to land to process.

By having one authentic conversation at a time, individually and in community, more and more people are resonating with the particular approach I bring to the psychedelic renaissance. 

Building relationships of trust that allow a depth of vulnerability is slow work and deeply satisfying. Each conversation leads to the next, which leads to the next which leads to new conversations with more people. 

I have fully embraced this work as a core part of my career, and am excited to be a witness to transformational experiences with clients.

My mission is to provide a space for deep conversations, pragmatic preparation and profound insights as individuals seek to explore other ways of being in their life through the use of plant medicines.

My goal is to provide accessible services to those who are deeply committed to changing the trajectory of their lives

By changing ourselves, we change the world.

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