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By approaching a psychedelic experience from a more informed perspective, you are able to avoid many of the physical, mental, and emotional pitfalls that can be experienced.

Like a plan for a back country hike, you’ll have tools, equipment, and resources to ensure your experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

All offerings by donation, provided we feel like a match!

The Benefits

of Preparing & Integrating Your Journey

Develop a very personal understanding on how to prepare for a safe and ethical experience with plant medicines..

Construct your ideal physical space and circumstances (set & setting).

Discover who you need to be in the space with you.

Share your experience with someone you trust to hear and receive it.

Learn tools, tricks, and techniques to bring what has been experienced into your daily life and a new perspective on navigating the world.

What Clients Say

Choose What Suits You Best

Single Session

A 60-minute 1:1 private session to talk through your preparation or integration with no obligation via Zoom

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Package A

Private Journey
Preparation OR Integration

Preparation: 3 x 60-minute sessions to build a plan for your ideal journey – we’ll work through your intention, set & setting, and harm reduction strategies via Zoom.


Integration: 3 x 60-minute sessions to share and process your expanded state experience, however it occurred. 

We’ll work through the moments that stood out, emotions and responses that arose, and how to fold these experiences back into your day-to-day life via Zoom.

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Package B

Private Journey
Preparation AND Integration

Preparation & Integration: 6 x 60-minute sessions (3 for preparation + 3 for integration) to develop your journey plan, and come together afterwards to process your experience together.

By working together on preparation and integration we have a shared context for discussion, allowing us to dive deeply into the experience via Zoom.

Q: How to prepare for these packages?

Nothing you need to do, just come with an open mind and be ready to dive into some deep talks!

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The Full Package:

Preparation, Spaceholding & Integration

Let’s work together to craft your ideal experience from start to finish, custom-tailored to you.

Each experience is unique and there are many factors at play to ensure this is the right fit for you including dates, times, location, personal health, COVID, and more.

All in-person work is based on ethical harm reduction strategies to ensure a safe container.

The full package includes:

*There will be an extra charge if the venue is 100 km outside of the Calgary or Lethbridge area or if client wants a second spaceholder.

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