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Peter is an amazing coach! I live in the US but connected with Peter through a recommendation from a stranger and have been doing Zoom sessions ever since — so glad I did. He has unique insights into spiritual and emotional issues that were extremely helpful to me in processing my own (at times overwhelming) journey. Very caring and insightful coach. He has my highest recommendation!
Benjamin F.
Peter's calm and centered presence allowed me to dive into places with an emotional safety harness. I didn't have to worry about getting lost in those dark & emotional places, which allowed me to explore those areas without fear of going astray or getting overwhelmed.
Thomas A.
I have known Peter for a few years and consider him a trusted professional colleague. He has a high degree of personal and self-awareness, and offers his services with a high degree of reflexivity and integrity. Peter places emphasis on building effective and meaningful alliances with clients and brings valuable lived experience from his own journey in helping others.

Peter has experience working with variety of client backgrounds and presenting concerns and has experience in providing support, preparation and integration assistance for psychedelic-assisted work as well as general support and life transition processes. He has a deeply respectful ethos in approaching clients and encouraging the process of change. He is an integral part of several supportive communities that he accesses for consultation and co-referrals.

It is evident from my collaborative work with Peter that he is committed to leading, promoting and practicing ethical work as a service practitioner. Without hesitation I have used Peter as a referral source and definitely encourage anyone who is thinking of accessing coaching / integration services to consider him as a fantastic option. Peter is a huge asset to the community and to the field of integration supports.
Tarzie M.
Registered Counselling Therapist
Soul Compass Therapy
I was definitely intrigued by the idea of psychedelics and interested in learning more, but still had a major block about the idea of them being "bad" because they are "drugs." I just didn't know a lot about them. I had heard about bad trips and was concerned that something horrible might happen to me.

I now have a completely different perspective on them. They no longer have this "bad" stigma in my mind. I see them as tools that can be used in a positive way to facilitate inner growth and deepened spiritual awakening.

Besides just the basic knowledge about psychedelics I gained (which was very helpful), Peter challenged me to look deeper at myself. He was able to notice patterns of thought I had, which I had never even been aware of, and specific issues in my past that were causing me pain as an adult. He gave me mindfulness exercises to use, guided meditations and other resources that were really eye opening.

Peter is one of the most insightful people I have ever met. He has incredible listening skills and he picked up on themes in my life that I wasn't even aware of. I can't think of anything he can improve on, seriously. He is a phenomenal coach. He was made to do this - I'm not just saying that!
Lindsay H.
Before I was definitely curious about psychedelics, but also skeptical and had a sense that they can make you feel even worse and cause a bad trip.

I absolutely see psychedelics as an amazing tool for doing "the work". They are not the party drug my parents talked about in the 70s! Something that working with Peter has helped me with is my ability to be open to what is to come without attachment. Just becoming more myself, stripping the layers or programming and conditioning, and getting to my true core self.

Of course there is usually an element of expectation and attachment, and Peter has such a way of framing things and helping me to see it from different perspectives, that I feel like I can move forward practicing non-attachment more and more with each psychedelic experience.

Peter's presence is so grounding, calming and safe. When talking with him, I feel instantly at ease and in a comfortable space where it's safe to be vulnerable. That really allows for an unfolding of the coaching process to take place at a level where we can go deep and it's completely safe to do that. I appreciate that so much about Peter. He holds such a safe container for meaningful exploration. Honestly, I feel like you're getting it right 🙂
Adrienne J.
Psychedelics posed a very novel means to process difficult experiences and to allow someone to reframe themselves in a new perspective and understanding. Especially when dealing with past trauma experienced from living in a high demand religion specifically sexual shame and feelings of inadequacy.

I have let go of having expectations around psychedelic experiences and just willing to be open to whatever happens to me and to understand there's still information to be gleaned from every experience. Psychedelic aren't necessary to enact the change and healing but they are more of just another option that can help.

Peter's coaching really helped me pinpoint and identify patterns in action or thinking that kept coming up for me that were giving me undesirable results. I feel his coaching really helped me let go of old expectations and a checklist mentality so I could be more open and receptive to the moment and learn from the situation I was in. I enjoyed Peter's ability to listen and ability to teach difficult concepts and ideas that could be understood by anyone and not just an esoteric group. He was helpful in identifying how living in a certain culture may be affecting thought patterns and expectations and ways to reframe those.

I have noticed that writing questions and responses had been more helpful for me especially when we get to topics and ideas I'm not as familiar or experienced with. It just admitted me more time to be thoughtful and develop ideas with more ease.

Love Peter's style and practice. He has a great way with words and would love to see him develop coursework and guides down the road as he gets some more time that could help reach more people and get people to him and good resources.
Brady T.